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10 Last Minute Gifts You Can Get The Creative Person In Your Life

Hi Guys,

This is going to be a quick post today! With Christmas  11 Days away I’m giving you a list of 10 items that are sure to be a hit with the blogger/youtuber/photographer/creative person in your life. This list even works if people are asking you for a Christmas list and you don’t know what you want. These are pretty inexpensive with one BIG TICKET item at the end.

  1. Tripod – Sometimes there’s just no one around and they’ll need to be equipped with all the tools to take the photo/video alone. Grab them a tripod, for their phone or camera!
  2. SD Cards – These are super affordable and we never have enough of them and you can find them anywhere! You could probably even get them an SD card holder.
  3. Make them a cute backdrop! – This is very easy, I’m sure you can google it and make them a backdrop that you’d love to see used in their photos and videos, and it would be a really thoughtful gift…or you could just buy one
  4. Quote Boards..they’re inspirational and still makes as a nice prop in background shoots
  5. Make them a cute DIY organizational cubby…you always need space to store your equipment and tools.
  6. Things in their niche – makeup, diy tools, products to review
  7. An Awesome camera bag. We need to protect our most valuable asset, a camera bag is a protective accessory so make it a cute one!
  8. Buy them their own domain name for that website they always wanted! They can’t start blogging without a domain.
  9. DSLR Camera…if they’re really into photography and want to take it seriously give them a push in the right direction and buy them a camera.
  10. Photo editing software…if your shopping for the photographer in your life and they are just starting out, help them enhance their craft by investing in them by buying them editing software such as photoshop or Lightroom.

Hope this helps some of you out! 

Until next time…