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Are Youtube makeup tutorials as easy to follow as they make it seem?

So my friend and I decided that we wanted to learn to do makeup like the pros.

We have different levels of makeup experience, so we wanted to put the videos to the test and see how easy it really was to follow the videos. I occasionally wear makeup but that just consists of foundation and mascara while TheeMlle on the other hand wears no makeup!

I’ve tried to do my makeup for special occasions but I’ve yet to master the art , but on a regular day to day basis I’m always bare faced!

We decided to do a full face of makeup while watching Ellarie’s do’s and don’t of makeup video.  If you’re interested in seeing how we did the check out the video here it’s absolutely HILARIOUS! We used a variety of makeup from NYX, Maybeline and Covergirl!

But here are the final looks!






Let me know what you think!

Until next time guys…..