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Dealing with embarassing sweat

I’ve been looking for the best way to control my excessive sweating. Yes, I know that sweating is a way to remove toxins from the body, but at a certain point it just becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing. I’m quite tired of hearing “ohhh you’re sweating” trust me I know! I’ve always sweated under my arms for no reason, and at one point was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. I would instantly have sweat patches under my arms as soon as I put on my t-shirt. I wanted to avoid all sweat patches on my wedding day so the quest of the best deodorant was on!

Before finally resorting to looking for different types of deodorant I tried natural remedies. When I was younger my mom made me use lemon and baking soda under my arms before applying the deodorant, needless to say that didn’t work because here I am, 26 and still searching for a solution.

Recently, I tried other natural remedies such as using witch hazel as a natural deodorant, that works in keeping you smelling fresh but SUCKS at controlling sweat. I tried apple cider vinegar, I wouldn’t even know if that kept me smelling fresh because I couldn’t get past the pungent smell of the vinegar, and all I worried about was if people can smell me, Finally I tried alcohol because alcohol is supposed to be drying, let me tell you it did not stand a chance for my pits.

So here I was, months before my wedding, and still concerned with the sweat overwhelming my pits on my wedding day. I debated on getting Botox but my brother talked me out of it, he told me “as a last resort we can try it but for now let’s exceed all possible deodorants on the market”, so that’s what I did! I bought deodorants, tried them out until I found what would be the right one. I refused to revisit deodorants I’ve tried in the past so that limited the options I could try.

In the past I’ve tried Gillette, Lady Speed Stick, regular Speed stick, Sure, Ban, Dove, Secret, Degree, Degree dry spray, Degree men, all these deodorants are good at controlling the smell but not the best for minimizing the sweat.

so I started with what I’ve currently been using which have worked better than so many other ones I’ve used in the past: Mitchum Advanced ControlYou can tell i really put this to use since the words are practically gone lol. I like the fact that this is a solid, gel deodorants make me feel more wet which is the problem I’m trying to prevent. This does a good job at keeping the sweat levels reduced more than many other deodorants I’ve used in the past, but still didn’t give me the results I was looking for. And it smells nice.

Next I tried to go the natural route: Blossom by Herban Cowboythis was a natural deodorant, bought at whole foods over some other natural deodorants because this one is on sale. This has a slippery feel to it, but not wet like other gel deodorants. The main ingredient in this deodorant was Propanediol unlike the aluminum in other deodorants, I thought lets give it a try and see how it works. This deodorant was terrible at controlling odor, I didn’t wear it if there was any chance of me going out because I really smelled ripe “natural”. This failed at controlling sweat and odor, it’s a no for me.

Finally my fiance convinced me to try a clinical strength deodorant that I vowed never to try again because I thought it was a waste of time: Secret Clinical StrengthI’ve used secret clinical strength years ago when it was first released but it didn’t really work for me. This time around it actually did what it is supposed to do, I’m not sure what changed but it works! Only con with this for me is, I personally don’t like the feel of a “smooth solid” it’s not wet like a gel but it’s still annoying as it’s hard to control where it’s going. The amount of sweat I dealt with was reduced dramatically, some days I was completely dry that’s a big deal! This was definitely my deodorant of choice for my wedding day!

The secret Clinical strength is my go to from now on, except when I want to take a break from it’s main ingredient aluminum then I’ll switch back to Blossom. Sweat shouldn’t have to be embarrassing so I’m glad that secret clinical strength actually gets the job done!