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DIY… How To Clean Your Wedding Dress

Using Oxi Clean to get lace dress clean

What do you do with your wedding gown after the wedding day? Whether you’re going to preserve it, sell it, re-wear it, donate it, hand it down, or take it apart to repurpose it, you might need to clean it first! What is the best way to clean a wedding gown?

Using Oxi Clean to get lace dress cleanI wanted to take more pictures in my gown, because I spent too much money to only wear it once (taking a page out of Tiffany Hadish’s book). Before I could take pictures in my wedding dress again I needed to get it cleaned! I looked up how much it cost to get a wedding dress cleaned and it was around $100 or more. I’m not paying $100 to clean a dress, to wear it for pictures, then pay another $100 to get it cleaned and box it up! If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m very frugal and googled “How to clean your wedding dress”. And I did it, and here I am for the review on how to get your wedding dress back to new for just $10-$15. Let’s get into the blog!

How to Clean your wedding dress at home!

What you’ll need:
  1. A clean Bathtub
  2. Oxi Clean Powder (The oxi clean powder can cost you any where from $4-$10 depending on what size you want)
  3. Oxi Clean gel (The gel costs about $4)

I bought everything at walgreens because they had a sale and there were coupons available to save $2! Yes that’s a big deal lol

What you need to do:
  1. Start off with a clean bath tub.How to clean your wedding dress using oxi clean
  2. Fill the bath tub with Warm water (my water was pretty hot, I couldn’t control it)
  3. Pour in the tub of Oxi Clean Powder, the directions say you need 2-4 scoops for every gallon of water. (I used the whole thing I don’t know how many gallons of water a tub holds)
  4. Add a capful of the Oxi clean gel or whatever your favorite stain fighting detergent is. (My first go I didn’t have Oxi Clean gel so I used Persil and it worked fine)
  5. Submerge the dress in the water and leave it to soak over night while you sleep.

That’s it! In the morning the lace should be visibly cleaner and you can see the dirt in the water.

I drained the tub, laid the dress back down, turned on the shower and let it run until the water was clear of suds, that was about 3-5 minutes.

To Dry:

I let the dress hang straight up in the bath tub until it was 85% dry then I laid it flat across the couch until it was fully dry. The whole process took about a day.

Here are the final results:

Using Oxi Clean to get lace dress cleanI had to do the process twice because the first try, I only did the bottom half (which was visibly dirty and I didn’t want to risk ruining the entire dress if this didn’t work out)
When I saw the difference in color and how clean the bottom half was I decided it was safe to do the whole dress and washed the whole thing.

Now I need to decide on what style photo shoot I want and book it while this dress still fits! If you have any suggest on hair, makeup or photoshoot style let me know!