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EllarieXColourpop – Is it worth the buy?

Ellarie is a youtuber /beauty guru. I’ve been following Ellarie for years and decided to support her and bought  her collection after seeing her video; biggest selling point was she came up with the colors and picked colors that would look good on lighter complexions an darker complexions. Ellarie released her second collab with colour pop called EllarieXColourpop. She released the collab on February 28th, I ordered on March 1st , I received and reviewed on March 12th. I didn’t intend on writing a blog post but after the first impressions review video I decided I might as well write the blog, so here it is!

The collection is a mix of 4 liquid lipsticks and 2 glosses.

Ultra Matte
Sessy (a deep red)
Hennyways (a deep brown)
Yoshi (A bright pink)

Ultra Satin Lip
Renmen (a bright red)

Let’s start off with price, pretty affordable, only costs $6.50 for the lipsticks and $5 for the glosses! This is pretty comparable to the NYX brand liquid lipsticks that come in at $6.50 – $7.50.

Next is the Packaging, it comes in a black box with lace detail and red writing…You can see more into this and further explanation on the collection and naming by checking out Ellarie’s video on youtube that I’ll link here.

I reviewed the entire collection in a video which you can click here to watch. Or read on for the short version.

The most important part: The color, the wear, the feel, IS THE HYPE REAL?? I like the way the lipsticks feel when applied, and the coverage is really good and it doesn’t take a lot. The ultra matte’s are definitely non-transferable, and will stay on until you want them off, so that’s a plus! You definitely want to apply some type of moisturizer before applying the ultra matte’s because they do get VERY dry! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone my complexion wear the lighter shades straight without mixing. Which my first instinct was to line my lips with a darker shade before trying Netta, because from experience those colors never look good on me, and lining completely changes the color. That’s when I decided to try it straight to see what it looks like and that’s where the disappointment came from.

So what’s the verdict? Is it worth the hype? The decision is mixed!

I understand that any lipstick is wearable on any skin tone if you use a liner or work it, but if you’re a low maintenance makeup person who doesn’t do makeup regularly I don’t think you should have to do all that! Especially if you’re a deeper shade like me, then there’s truly only 1 shade that I love and really works well and that’s ‘Sessy’. The other ones require using another lip liner and extra work, that’s too much for me.

So for darker skin tones, who don’t regularly wear makeup you might want to skip out on this …It’s a nope for me
For the lighter skin tonesgo ahead and give it a try! It’s definitely affordable and well pigmented.

The original Ellarie lipstick and liner though, AMAZING COLOR, no complaints!

But as always the decision is yours.

Until next time guys….