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Is It Worth The Buy: L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Collection

Hey guys, now that the wedding hype has died down I can finally get back into the swing of things with my usual reviews!

You guys know how much I love a face mask, so I was excited when I received these complimentary L’oreal Paris Pure Clay collection products from Influenster! I’ve been dying to try it out, but I honestly have been trying not to by any more face masks. There are 5 different masks part of this Pure Clay collection and 3 different cleansers, all formulated to work differently depending on your specific skin concerns and what you’re actually trying to achieve. You can see all the different products in the pure clay collection by clicking here.

I struggle with naturally oily skin and acne, so it was only fitting that I had the pleasure to try out the clarify & smooth mask with Yuzu Lemon. This specific mask was actually an exfoliating mask, the exfoliating beads were gentle 6176637168_img_0039enough not to hurt your skin, but strong enough for me to feel that they were actually getting the job done! This clay mask is depicted as a mask that is supposed to remove impurities and dirt trapped in your skin as well as help shed dead skin cells, and I can honestly say that my face felt smoother after the first use and it didn’t leave my face feeling dry afterwards so that’s a plus. Did I mention that it actually smells amazing!

Along with the clay mask I also received a daily cleanser. This cleanser is 1 of 3 pure clay cleansers made by L’oreal, just as with the masks each cleanser is made with a powerful blend of 3 PURE CLAYS and formulated to work differently based on different skin concerns. a9fd8bbb-39af-48f6-99c0-eea717c2d8faI received the Purify-Mattify cleanser. The product really is a clay that you squeeze into your hand and you mix with water to form a mousse that has a really nice lather. This daily cleanser clears the skin of dirt and oil as well as control excess oil and shine after you’ve washed your face. This cleanser doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and actually really cleans your skin.

Both products are pretty affordable compared to some other masks and cleansers I’ve tried. The clay comes in at $12.99 and the cleanser comes in at $6.99, more affordable than the Sephora mask I reviewed. For the price and effectiveness, I’ll have to say it is definitely worth the buy, I’ll continue using and see how crazy I am about it before I vow to purchase it again. Give it a try if you’re interested and let me know what you think!

Until next time….