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Is It Worth The Hype: Fenty Beauty

Does any one still care for a Fenty Beauty review or is it too late?

Well doesn’t really matter because you’re still gonna get it!

This post is so late because it took a while to get it since it was sold out in my color for weeks and when I got it, I wasn’t able to try it because LIFE HAPPENS!

Lets start off with price, not bad, only costs $34! Yeah, I know you’re saying $34 is a lot, but compared to some other high end make up lines, this is pretty affordable. For instance, my go to foundation was always Clinique’s Even Better foundation or Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation which are each priced $28 and $42 respectively, so $34 for Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is NOT BAD, I guess it’s a happy middle.

Next is the Packaging, totally cute and chic. Doesn’t look too cheap, what else is there to say? Moving on…


The most important part: The color, the wear, the feel, IS THE HYPE REAL?? This foundation matches my skin perfectly!!! My color is #470, which is depicted “for very deep skin with neutral undertones and subtle red tones”. I always had a problem with finding my right shade in foundation, because some had a really red undertone that I don’t have, and the opposite was a yellow undertone that’s definitely not me.
Now when it comes to Coverage: This foundation is definitely not a full coverage foundation, which I find amazing! A full face of this foundation doesn’t look like a mask, but it makes your face look smoother and even toned.

How did it last throughout the day: It actually held up really well, except I get extra oily so primer and translucent powder needs to be a must for me when using this foundation.

This is the perfect foundation for the girl that doesn’t wear much makeup and wants to look fabulous, or the girl that wants to wear makeup and just wants to look effortless. I’m sure this foundation can work well for a beat face, but that’s not my expertise (I barely know how to do my makeup lol) I can only speak on what I know. I honestly think this is a great foundation for someone who’s just starting off and all the way to someone who’s an expert. Believe it or not, in the below picture, half of my face is covered in Fenty Beauty and the other half isn’t.


So what’s the verdict? Is it worth the hype? YUP!
I only tried the foundation, I can’t speak on the other products in the Fenty Beauty line. If you tried it, let me know how you liked it and what you thought!

Until next time guys….