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Not Your Mother’s Matcha Green Tea Butter Mask Review

Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom Butter Mask

One of the main reasons I decided to start a blog was because I was such a product junkie! I would watch youtube videos, or go on instagram and see all the products these influcencers were using and I just had to have this miracle product to see if it would really work. Well, buying all these products would really add up; But I got a lot better at finding sales and getting great deals on products and decided to write blogs on my honest opinion on whether a product was TRULY worth the buy so you wouldn’t have to waste all the money that I’ve spent! So let’s get into this review!

Today we’ll be reviewing Not Your Mother’s  Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom nutrient rich butter mask

Luckily this time I didn’t have to spend any money on this product, I received this in a recent voxbox from influenster (I can do a review on Influenster and if it’s worth joining if you like, just let me know in the comments). Influenster sends me products for free in return for my honest review, so this review will be the same as if I spent my own money on it!Before Matcha Green Tea Butter Mask

I previously washed my hair before trying this and needed to refresh. I stood under the shower and soaked my hair then applied the mask to sections of my hair. After the mask was completely applied I detangled, and covered with a cap.


The smell was amazing! I loved the consistency of this conditioner. This conditioner was great for detangling and thick enough to not fall out of your hand while applying! But how did it make my hair look and feel? My curls returned and looked well defined and felt very manageable.
My hair felt like a silky wax thread. My hair literally felt like string as opposed to feeling moisturized. Sure my hair looked amazing, smelled awesome, but when I touched it I was a little scared at how weak and stringy my hair felt. Overall I didn’t like the waxy feeling of this conditioner.
After Matcha Green Tea Butter Mask
Where can you purchase?  
This line is readily available at walgreens, ulta and your local drug stores
What other products are available in this line? There is also a Shampoo and Conditionerthat accompanies the butter mask(unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try them). I’ve linked the product line here.
What does it cost?  In terms of other deep conditioners on the market, this is pretty affordable coming in at $9

Finally to answer the question you all have been waiting for; is it worth the buy? 

Honestly I have mixed feelings here, because it’s not expensive I say you can definitely give it a try. I prefer to spend a little more money for a better quality conditioner that leaves it feeling moisturised. A better question is, would I purchase this again with my own money? No, I will not. I will finish this one that was sent to me…this is a huge deal because I don’t finish products that I’m not crazy about.