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Struggling With Resolutions

We’re practically half way through February of the year and it’s proving to be a little difficult to keep up with these resolutions, well for me at least. Can you relate?

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s just not enough time in a day (or even the week) to get through everything that you need to do to be able to live your best life?

I actually have been struggling with this for a while and it seems much more difficult now that I’m making a conscious effort to make a change.

All I want to do is eat healthy, exercise, make money, have a social life and still have time to SLEEP!

Meal Prepping: It cut’s the time in the week that I have to spend cooking.
Pros: Healthy meals ready to eat, save time during the week, save money on buying food
Cons (or things I need to get over): I have a hard time eating the same meal over and over again, I spent a whole Sunday meal prepping.

Solution: I’m working on finding several meals that use similar ingredients so I have varying meals but it’s still easy to create and doesn’t cost more money preparing/shopping.

Exercise: The obvious get healthy this year goal.
Pros: Obviously I’m working towards my summer body, and relieve stress….yeah yeah it’s healthy, not my number 1 motivator.
Cons (or things I need to get over):
Actually making it to the gym is the hardest part, when and if I get there I’m alright. 
I take my gym clothes to work with me and head to the gym before coming home. I’ve also implemented using a board to track how often I’ve been to the gym, seeing empty spaces gives me a little kick to go to the gym.

As far as keeping a social I plan biweekly outing with my friends, date nights with the husband or even just setting time apart to take my self out.

Now sleep is still hard to come by. I usually aim to sleep by 10pm, (I need to be up by 6 for work in the morning), but some nights because of work and life I’m up until 12. When I find a solution around this I’ll let you know.

What are some of your resolutions? Someone give me some tips on this boring meal prep life! And let me know how your doing with your resolutions.