Newly engaged…


Heyyyy… As the title says, I’m newly engaged. In the 1 month I’ve been engaged I’ve quickly come to find out that weddings are EXPENSIVE! My fiancé and I are paying for our wedding ourselves so we came up with a budget that’s about a little over 2 months pay (after our bills are paid which is a little more than 6k), which I believe is reasonable. We settled on that “small” budget because we would rather save for a home than have a huge expensive wedding. It’s been quite tough to find a venue that comes in under budget but I think the budget is still doable, it’s just going to take a lot of research and creativity to pull it off.

If you are engaged and planning a wedding you will see that everyone will have an opinion on how or what you should do with your wedding; just keep this in mind that although you would like to please everyone, you probably won’t be able to! Let the wedding planning experience be as enjoyable as it can be and not so stressful! ..that’s my little tip for today.

Until next time.


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