My venue search…

Finding a venue has proved to be the most challenging part of planning this “low budget” wedding. It seems venues quote almost double the price for a wedding than if you were to be hosting any other party of the same size (I’m not sure why that is). As of today, I have contacted 60 venues and I’ve only found about 3 that would fall in my budget but they won’t work for me. For anyone who’s looking for a small or low budget wedding in NJ, I would recommend you look into The venue at Lenola. This venue is only $1675 for the rental of the space; you would just have to decorate and you could possibly even have family cook dishes instead of hiring a caterer so you save major bucks there! This would be ideal for me but unfortunately it is too far so I had to pass on what would’ve been a perfect venue for me. I’m definitely going to be a DIY bride so I can’t wait to book a venue and start with the crafts!!! The picture I’ve chosen for this post is a venue called The Brookside, I love the look and would definitely have booked it but it’s way over my budget. I’m still determined to make my budget work and I will continue to search for venues, even though I’m tired of it!!

If anyone knows of great affordable venues in the northern NJ area PLEASE let me know!

Until next time guys…


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