Disappointing site visit …

In my search for venues I had to visit quite a few venues, so when I found one with a fairly reasonable price I scheduled a site visit. I was interested in having a buffet style meal, which is advertised at 27.95 per person; I thought this fits perfectly in my budget so it was definitely an option to look into. The pictures on the site looked decent and I wanted to see the “rest” of the place. I thought this would be the perfect venue; the space looked presentable and the price was perfect, so I scheduled a visit.

When I got there, the outside looked very pretty, they even had a gazebo and a fountain. The entrance of the space looked gorgeous but the space I was shown looked really small. The space looked exactly like the picture which was pretty disappointing; when I saw the picture I thought “wow what a nice space I can’t wait to see the rest” sadly that was all of it. The place was adorned with mirrors to take away from the fact that it was such a small space but I couldn’t look past it.

Even with seeing the small space I still continued with the visit because I was already there and didn’t want to be rude. At this point we went to the office and started talking about what type of wedding I was looking to have, I said the same thing that I mentioned over email days before. He quoted me the same price for buffet and the usual, “linens and decorations are included, cake, and no hidden fees…and for about 130 people you’ll be looking at about 12 thousand dollars”. It was then I could feel my brother kicking me to tell me to leave, but that was the most disappointing part of the whole visit. It had to be a joke; the very first venue I saw was gorgeous, 4 times the size and was a seated dinner and cost 14 thousand, so why sir did you think in your mind I would’ve agreed to your 12 thousand dollar charade I’m not sure.

When looking for venues just beware that the prices and fees may not always be as they are first presented to you.

Has this happened to anyone else??? Let me know. Until next time….


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