My Kleinfeld’s bridal experience…

If you ever watched the show Say Yes to the Dress, then you are familiar with Kleinfeld’s bridal shop. On the show Kleinfeld’s is portrayed as THE place to go when shopping for your “dream” dress; from my experience it is the definitely the place to go!

My Kleinfeld experience was nothing short of what I expected it to be; just as on the show the consultant asked what your dream dress is and brings you exactly what you asked for. If you haven’t been dress shopping, I definitely recommend Kleinfeld as the boutique you should try; I am not saying that you need to buy your dress here but it definitely puts things into perspective for you. A Kleinfeld’s gown selection appointment is definitely the princess experience, and they have such a wide selection that you will definitely get a sense of what you love and what you can do without! And if you are the bride that likes everything inclusive, Kleinfeld’s also provide other services such as invitations and recommend venues, photographers and booking hotel blocks. The only tip I have is make sure you bring supportive people with you; the company I brought with me were pretty stressful but my consultant did her best to keep me calm and continue the appointment. I did not find my dress because of the stressful company I had with me but I scheduled another appointment to go back without them 😁 I can’t wait!

Until next time…


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