Bridal shows…are they worth it??

With all the excitement of your upcoming nuptials and wanting the perfect day, you begin your planning and start your research, and stumble across bridal shows, now you think, “I’m going, sign me up!” But is it really worth it?!? I signed up for 2 bridal shows, I only attended 1, but my fiancé went to both. This blog is documenting what came out of that experience. When I signed up and attended the bridal show, I did not do so with the intention of writing a blog about it, I hadn’t even started my blog at the time but I guess it was a good experience to tell others who are wondering what the bridal show experience is like, honestly.

The bridal shows bring all possible vendors that you would need in one space, it’s a means of exploring and convenience for you. You’ll find anything from dresses, tuxedo rentals, favors, invitations, cakes and much more. In principle the bridal show is a good idea so that the bride can see all of her options but I wouldn’t get too wrapped up into it. The vendors there are mainly worried about their business: Money first and you later. Whenever you walk up to a booth you’ll get a “Congratulations, when’s your date? Did you choose a venue?” every single time, trust me; I got so tired of saying Thank you. How did I conclude that they are mainly worried about bringing in new business based off their congratulatory remark, which is supposed to be a good thing? Well here it is: let’s say you don’t have a date in mind, you don’t get as much attention and information form the representative, they’ll give you the flyers and cards and send you on your way (I witnessed it happen), as opposed to me who’s wedding is less than a year away I get “omg that’s right around the corner, times running out, you need to do this and that”.

I personally didn’t get much more information from a bridal show than I already had because I already started doing TONS of research online! But like I said it before it made it easier to get all the information in one place rather than searching all those websites.
Overall, the whole situation could be a little overwhelming with the amount of vendors there and you may not know where to start but it’s a good place to gather ideas and get some information. Can you survive without it? Absolutely. How?? GOOGLE! Or… get yourself an event planner! The latter will alleviate so much stress, take it from me. Still want to try a bridal show then go to Elegant Bridals bridal show; be prepared to get TONS of emails from vendors and several calls for “free gifts” (that’s a story for another time).
So, bridal shows….to go or not to go?? It’s up to you!
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  1. Hi there! Thank you for following my blog! Congratulations on the engagement! I used to do a little event planning. You’re absolutely right, you don’t need bridal shows. What you need, is to network! And even more importantly, if you’re on a budget you have to think outside the box. And lastly, don’t fret. It will all work out, I promise. I have seen brides spill red wine on their dress, groom and groomsmen forget their tux pants in a different state, utter and complete bridal party meltdowns. And in the end, 2 people got married and had a lovely wedding. If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know!

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, it’s all been a little hectic since I’m on what seems to be a small budget for a NJ wedding, but I think it will all work out as long as I can pick a venue (which is easier said than done). Encouraging words like yours remind me that it is still possible to get it done, Thank you!

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