Free stuff at bridal shows…

I posted a blog about how bridal shows are a convenient way to see a lot of vendors at once, but another thing that may draw you into going to a bridal show are the possibilities to win free honeymoons or gifts, that’s certainly what did it for me. That’s not a bad thing at all, but I’m not entirely sure on the selection criteria. Like I mentioned before in a previous post, I registered for 2 bridal shows but I only attended 1; My fiancé attended the first bridal show but instead I was contacted by a representative from a vendor saying that I won a honeymoon package and it required both me and my fiancé to be on the phone to claim the honeymoon package, no big deal. He gave us all the terms of agreements and we were so excited because honestly, we’re on a budget and if it’s free, it’s for me! It’s all going well until he asks me to make the payment to secure the “free” trips, but if it’s a FREE gift what am I paying for and I refuse to pay for anything over the phone unless I have something in writing that I can look over. When I told him that I didn’t feel comfortable making that payment over the phone, he lowered the price thinking I would be more willing to do it for the lower price, “ No sir I still don’t want to pay for anything” that’s what I told him. He proceeded to tell me he’s going to speak with his manager and came back within 5 seconds and told me he explained everything to his manager and lowered the price once more. I told him I would not be paying a thing over the phone and he gave me his number to call “when I’m ready” but can’t guarantee that it’ll be available because they have to give it to the next possible winner.

I also “won” another prize this time with direct registries. The terms for this was that both me and my fiancé had to show up together in person to claim our prize, which I will not do because 1. I don’t like to leave my house and 2. My fiancé and I don’t have the same schedule. But I still keep getting calls weeks later with the same “Congratulations you won a prize” as if they can’t remember they’ve called me before, which makes me feel like the telemarketer is calling me and makes me question the validity of these “winnings”.

For the 2nd bridal show, the one I actually attended, I did not sign up for anything because honestly I was quite disappointed at how little vendors were there. This time around I was hoping to meet with some venues and get good deals on place or maybe evening entertainment (finding an affordable venue is quite impossible to do in NJ btw) but there were none, this was totally unlike the bridal show I sent my fiancé to. Because I was not interested in any of the vendors that were present I walked in and out and didn’t even sign up for any “free” stuff, but low and behold I still magically win a free beauty pampering consultation by a vendor that never even showed up until I left (when I was in the parking lot I saw the consultant walking in as I was getting in my car).

When it comes to bridal show prizes, be prepared to be offered things you did not sign up for (which leads me to believe that vendors get your contact info when you sign up for these bridal shows) and be prepared to have to repeatedly say no to things you don’t even want!

Until next time…


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