Help!! Venue search is failing :(

Does anyone that lives in the Northern NJ area have any suggestions for an affordable venue site to hold my wedding reception?

A little background: My fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and I don’t want to start a marriage in debt or spend all my savings to have a “dream” wedding, so the budget is max 10k.
Here’s the tricky part the guest count is about 150 people, I know “to make the wedding more affordable cut the guest list” but that’s the guest count after the cuts. We have huge families, only invited immediate family, Uncles, aunts and cousins.
I would prefer a place that allows outside catering, I have an aunt who does catering.I don’t really care much for the ballroom type look so I’m open to all unique venues.

I thought I found the absolute perfect venue (Avenue A Club, Newark NJ). Their packages start at $75 per person but they asked $15,000 just to rent out the space….that’s ridiculous! In that case renting out the space becomes more expensive than just taking their package.

Please help, time is running out for me to pick a venue! I don’t want to resort to having a 20k wedding.


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  1. look at airbnbs! this was something I wish i had looked more into while venue searching! I would try to find something with some land so you really could do an outside ceremony and reception for an amazing cost without worrying about someone breaking anything inside ! (double check with the renter that parties outside are allowed) also could double for a hotel/getting ready space for your bridal party

    or another cheap option would be looking into public parks (if you don’t mind the crowd of randoms)

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