Why I started blogging…

I’m new to blogging and I’m just a month old now!! But why did I even start on this venture of blogging??? Well honestly, I needed a hobby, I needed to get my thoughts/words/ideas out, and I actually do have lots of great advice to share.

I follow so many blogs, so many instagrammers, and tons of youtubers and I just think “omg I love what they just said, but what about this part, or they missed this” and I realized my “they missed this is” my opinion, what if there are other people out there waiting for my point of view?

I always have an opinion or advice for my friends and the situations they are in and I just think maybe someone else can benefit from my advice, this is a way to reach that broader audience.

And finally I’ll be walking through what I’m actually doing in life, wedding planning, home shopping, major milestones, and hope that you guys can help me and guide me if you’ve been through it before because i need the help!!

That’s why I’m here and I hope you guys follow. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in month 2 and what we’re doing!

Until next time….


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