Get clean with Dirty Girl…

What I’ve been using to keep my face clear for now and up until my wedding is Pür Dirty Girl detoxifying mudd masque. I purchased this mask at ulta for $29. It was worth the buy.

This mask unclogs and cleanses my face and I honestly love it. I first saw it on Ellarie’s YouTube and I really needed something to clear up my oily face this past summer (I had a wedding to go to and my face was not in the best condition) and I’ve been using it ever since!

It’s pretty easy to use, just put a thin layer of the mask on your skin and wait 5-20 minutes (you will feel your skin tightening as the mask dries), once dried just wash it off and moisturize as usual! This is the only mask I’ve tried and used and I personally can say it works very well on oily skin.

I’ll share more of my beauty routine along the way (which is pretty scarce 😂)

Until next time…

RoadToWedding 🛣


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