Perfect present for the professional….

What do you get that one person you do business with during the year, or a coworker, maybe a teacher, well I have the perfect idea!


Or any coffee spot will do actually, (but I picked Starbucks for one particular reason).

 Gift idea number 1: coffee mugs, tumblers…Starbucks carries really cute tumblers and cups (especially this time of year), this gift will run you anywhere from $15-$40 depending on what you like.

Gift idea number 2: coffee! Well this was a no brainer, coffee shops sell coffee lol. This is why I say any coffee shop will do, just get them a bag of their favorite coffee, but Starbucks offers coffee kits (peppermint mocha for example, or a bag of coffee with a tumbler which is 2 gifts in 1). This gift can run you anywhere from $30-$59.

Gift idea number 3: gift card to their favorite coffee shop! This way they get to make the choice of what they want or even stop by for coffee everyday before work or school. This gift will cost however much you’re willing to put on the card.

I love these gift ideas and I’d personally love to receive them from a coworker or even classmate that I don’t have a close relationship with but I interact with everyday!

Happy blogmas!

Until next time…


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