Sooo… About that venue…

Good morning guys!!!

Like I said in my 240 post, this post is to update you in my venue pick!

I never saw myself having my wedding in a ballroom, it just isn’t me. I’m not the girly, glamorous, pretty sort of girl, I never saw the big ballroom party working for me. When I first got engaged, I set a budget for myself which was bout $7K-$10k, and these days weddings are a big business and the second you say wedding prices are much higher (which was killing me), so I tried to keep a smaller guest list to cut costs, but that caused so much drama at home being that I have a huge family. Even though I may not talk to all these family members, my mother does and she wanted these people invited. My mother threatened not to come to the wedding if all the family couldn’t be invited so we came to a compromise of 2 receptions, where her and my father would pay for one and I’d pay for the one without the extra people (I was not excited about this compromise because I don’t like being put on display, so 1 is ok but 2 I was not fine with, this led to the search of a venue that could accommodate 200+ guests and would not eat up half of my budget), I’m glad to say I have accomplished that task!

The only thing is, this venue used to be an old factory so the outside is a little worn down and not expected to be a wedding venue, but the inside is exactly the sort of look and feel I was going for! Everyone says “It’s your day, you only get one day, do it big”, well yeah it is my day, and I don’t like big or glamorous so I will not do it that way, despite what others may believe. Most people have told me “it’s your wedding, ignore your parents, do what you want since you’re paying for it, your parents will get over it”, well to those people yeah, I see where you’re coming from but they are my parents, they’ve supported me and been with me for 25 years and on my 1 and only wedding day I would like for them to be there and smiling instead of angry with me, so it is my choice to accommodate them in this aspect, it may not be the most glamorous wedding but I’m sure we’re still going to have a ball! I’m so happy that I finally found my venue! It’s a loft type feel, with exposed brick, rustic and minimalistic charm: 100% me! And it fell within budget, so its a YES! Now on to the next stages of the wedding planning!

This is a raw photo of the space that my reception will be held in…it’s much bigger than what’s shown in the photo.

This is a photo I saw on Pinterest and an idea of how I want the space to look…I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!! 😁

Until next time….


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