Basic lazy girl….

Sooooo I’m not really the most glamorous girl, but I’ve been trying to be more into makeup and trying to be a little more fashionable lately (not making that much progress, old habits die hard).

I usually love anything that’s functional and comfortable. This Christmas my fiance gifted me with brand new stain/water resistant Uggs!! I always wanted a pair but the fact that they’re stain/water resistant makes it 10 times better, I could go out in rain or snow and not worry about having to ruin them! I’ve been wearing these Uggs practically every day since I’ve gotten them!

Recently it’s been snowing and raining almost every day so I wanted to test them out; I’ve been ankle deep in snow and rain puddles and the Uggs look the same once they are dry! Definitely love them! I’m going to have to put off being fashionable until the spring lol

I know I’m pretty late to the party but Uggs are definitely made for the lazy girl like me, so happy to have them. I just would not recommend these for traveling in slippery snow/ice conditions, it’s not the best at that. I just wish I had these in a lighter color so I could really test out the stain/water resistant technology. What do you guys think about it? All hype or better than the original Uggs?

Until next time….


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