Mmmm Gucci…

Hey guys!!!

This is a follow up post. As I said in My Favorite scents are gone post, I was looking for a replacement everyday scent. My best friend told me about a newer fragrance, Gucci Bamboo and then I ran across TatetiffanyCaptures’ blog post Gucci Bamboo Perfume and I just thought I definitely have to try it out! So I went out and bought it!

The packaging was so cute, it came with the perfume, the lotion and a travel size roll on perfume. The scent is pretty light, subtly sweet, not woody or flower, just a very natural sweet, my brother claims it smells like me lol (I understand what he meant I usually gravitate to scents like this). Definitely my daily fragrance as of late, I wouldn’t say it would be the fragrance for my wedding day, still looking for that one.

I’ll have more perfumes to test out and I’ll let you know what I think.

Until next time…


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