Lose 10 pounds with this 3 day diet

Like the title says, I attempted to lose a good amount of weight in a short period by trying the military diet. I wanted to test this diet out to see if it really works.

I’m not overweight, but my belly and mid section were always something I tried to work on, but I always gave up. With my upcoming wedding I’m really trying to get my belly as flat as I can. Yes I know exercise is the best way to lose weight but honestly I’m LAZY!!!!

The military diet is a strict 3 day low carb diet with the meals set out for you (substitutions are allowed as long as you stay within the calorie count) and the remaining 4 days you eat relatively healthy moderate meals (I’m not sure how to describe it but as long as you’re not eating a full rack of ribs and fries I’m sure you’ll be good)

Sooooo…. I tried the diet to see how much weight I could lose and if it worked I would continue it until I achieved my desired weight but it didn’t happen that way lol. So day 1 before I started the diet, I weighed myself and I weighed in at 145.9 pounds. I had a successful day 1 (didn’t have to cheat). Day 2 proved to be a bit harder than day 1: It required more mindfulness, it was then I realized i couldn’t snack if I wanted to, and I was feeling fatigued. Day 3 was the worst of all, the least amount of food and I cheated at with my last meal I had a slice of pizza, and I was extremely fatigued at that point. The morning of Day 4 I weighed myself and I was down to 143.0 and I didn’t care anymore because that was the hardest diet I ever had to follow.


  • Does it work?? If you follow it exactly, YES!
  • Does it require any exercise? Nope
  • Is it a healthy way to lose weight? I’m not sure
  • Overall weight loss: I lost 2.9 pounds in 3 days
  • Would I do it again?? Maybe if my mind is in the right place

If you want to try it and think you have the will power and discipline, give it a try and let me know if it works for you. I’m adding the pictures of what I actually ate and the description. To research more for yourself check out Themilitarydiet.com

Day 1 Breakfast: 1/2 grape fruit, 1 slice toast with peanut butter, and 1 cup caffeinated tea (no sugar)
Lunch: 1/2 cup tuna, 1 slice of toast, 1 cup caffeinated ta
Dinner: 3 oz of any meat, 1 cup of green beans, 1/2 banana, 1 small apple, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream (I did 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream and 1/2 cup sorbetto, it was less calories and more flavor)

Day 2 Breakfast: 1 slice toast, 1 boiled egg, 1/2 banana
Lunch: 1 cup of cottage cheese ( I didn’t finish because i hated the taste), 1 boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers (and a piece of steak from my fiance’s lunch)
Dinner: I repeated the dinner I had from Day 1 because I had left overs and the same ice cream combo

Day 3 Breakfast: 1 Egg any way you want, 1 slice of toast (THAT’S IT)! (This was actually supposed to be lunch but I switched the order because I didn’t think I’d last through the day with what was considered breakfast)
Lunch: 5 Saltine crackers, 1 small apple, 1 danish (this was a substitution for 1 slice of cheese they had about the same calories)
Dinner: I quit and had 1 slice of pizza!


10 thoughts

  1. Kudos to you for at least trying this kind of a diet. Unfortunately fad diets never really work. As soon as you get off the diet, the weight will start to pile back on because we revert back to our old lifestyle. The best way to lose weight is by eating a clean, nutrient dense diet and exercise. However it takes time and dedication & some people just aren’t willing to be committed to it. In order to lose weight you need to have plenty or carbs, fats and protein in your diet (contrary to belief) otherwise known as Macronutrients. You need to fuel your body properly in order to increase your metabolic rate, burn fat efficiently and gain lean muscle (I did a post all about macronutrients and how to calculate them on my blog!) Secondly exercise. You should try incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training) paired with weight lifting to really torch that fat in order to see results.

    I love your blog btw keep up the good work!

    You can find more information about all things health and fitness over on my blog pushupsinparadise.com

    Mel x

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      1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! That’s very exciting. Wishing you all the best I’m sure you will look fabulous! Hope you find my posts helpful and feel free to pop me a message if you have any questions.

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  2. Hi there! I’m also trying to lose some weight before my wedding? I have 52 days to lose 10 pounds! When is your wedding? I give you props for even trying this diet. I am not good at meal restrictions, especially since I’m already gluten-free and vegetarian. I’m going to try the good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating (not dieting) technique. Let me know how your fitness journey is going!

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    1. Hey!! My wedding is in September so I have some time to tone up…I’m trying to exercise but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that, so as of now, I’ve been trying to go for a walk daily…I’m going to try some other crazy diet soon probably (I never last long) lol

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      1. Lol, I know, it’s hard to stay motivated! Have you picked out a “motivational” article of clothing yet? For me, it’s a green swimsuit. It helps trying it on to remind me to keep up what I’m doing.

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