Fad makeup brushes on the low…

Recently I did my engagement shoot and I was too lazy to wash make up brushes so I picked up a new one.

I was more inclined to buy the brush because it’s one of those new brushes I’ve been seeing on Instagram that were super expensive and shaped differently.

So I bought this one from my local Beaty supply store for about $6, the brand was “beyond beauty”, the size was medium, color was rose gold. So buying a new brush for $6 I didn’t think that was too bad. Now how does it actually work??? I’ll tell you…

The bristles on this brush is pretty dense so it doesn’t soak up your makeup like regular foundation brushes do. It’s also pretty soft and moves the makeup easily on your face. The one and the only con I’ve found from my one time use of this brush is the handle feels a little cheap, the black part felt like it would break off any time, idk if I was holding it to tightly or what but I was scared for the poor handle.

So if you wanted to try this new fad oval brush, I think this is a pretty good alternative for some of the expensive brushes out there.

Let me know what you guys think…

Until next time guys….


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