My hair needs HELP!!

Ughhhh I need help!!! and lot’s of it!

Since I’ve gotten engaged I vowed to grow my hair healthy and strong, and I was doing back to back braids as a protective style, until about February.

When I removed those braids, I realized my hair was falling out, and not because of the braids and I knew this because I’m a habitual braid wearer. And my hair was at the healthiest it has ever been. So in my quest to figure out what was wrong with my hair [I tried protein treatments, deep conditioners, hair masks, I stopped being vegan(granted it only lasted 1 week)] I finally decided to just cut my hair which I felt was the last possible solution, I figured my hair had to be damaged from something somehow.

It was after I cut my hair I realized it was the medication I was taking, the pharmacy switched me to generic instead of what I was usually taking and my body did not respond well to it (but that’s a story for another time).

Well now I’m trying to get back on track, my hair still doesn’t not feel back to normal, even though it has gotten a lot better, if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do, I’d appreciate it!

And 2nd I need a protective style, or some way to style my hair until my hair gets back to normal, if anyone has any suggestions for this as well… I’m a lazy girl I usually do 2 french twists and go but I can’t do that at the moment with my hair and the way I cut it. I tried a wig (I’ll do a post about it) and that didn’t last long since it was a straight wig, I’m extremely picky and it was looking crazy lol…so maybe someone can suggest a cute curly wig?? Idk!

All my curly girls please help, or curly guys, or any one for that matter lol.

Until next time….


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