Congratulations to the graduates 

It’s that time again! Graduation season is coming around! School is one of the hardest jobs a kid has, and it’s a great accomplishment to finally say that you are graduating!

This post is to say congratulations to all the graduates middle school, high school, college, grad school….whatever you are graduating from congratulations!!! You made it! Keep pushing for your next goal.

Now the fun part, highlighting 3 of the cutest graduation caps I’ve seen on Instagram…. here we go 😁

 This cap is by @Pattymaeonnaise it’s just so pretty and witty since her last name is Onday…congratulations!!!

This cap is by @Olushola_ who studies architecture interior design, and that green and white boy is just the perfect touch to display her Nigerian culture …congratulations!!!

This cap is a favorite of mine because I love Harry Potter!!! Made by @life_slaver…congratulations 

And congratulations to all the graduates!! You made it 👏🏽👏🏽


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