SoftSheen Carson Hydrasteam Mask is amazing!!! 

Hey guys I wanted to review one of the products that’s included in my giveaway!

SoftSheen-Carson Hydrasteam mask

I first found out about it on Moknowshair’s YouTube channel, it’s one of her go to products for moisturization and I always wanted to try it! Unfortunately this line has been discontinued so when I saw it at Burlington Coat factory I just had to try it, and after trying it I went back out and bought a 2nd one for one of my followers to try, it’s THAT GOOD!

I wish I had a before picture but this is a picture after I’ve had the product in my hair for half an hour. This picture doesn’t do any just to how the product made my hair feel. 

This mask is supposed to be used with a steamer, which I do not own, I just used a plastic cap and let my hot head do the work for an hour lol. This mask made my hair feel so soft and silky and didn’t even need to use a comb (just finger detangled). I want to buy a steamer just to see how much better it could be! I’m going to link moknowshair video so you can see a visual of the product at work!

You can have a chance to win this by entering the giveaway on my Instagram page.


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