It’s Simple!

Hey guys,

I’m back again today with a product review, this time it’s for Simple.

As a girl with crazy skin, I’ll tell you my skin has a mind of its own, sometimes its oily, after washing it sometimes it’s dry and sometimes it’s just angry sprouting acne lol, so I depend on something gentle yet effective and Simple face wash is just that.


How it feels
When you squeeze it out, looks just like any other face wash, but once using it on your face it kind of feels like nothing’s there or maybe water. That was a bit strange to me and still is but that doesn’t prevent it from being an effective face wash! After washing off it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry like some other face washes do.

Simple Skincare Face wash

Do they have other Products?
Yes they have plenty of other item ranging from makeup removing wipes, micellar cleansers and more. So far I’ve used the face wash and cleansing wipes and the cleansing wipes are also amazing!!!!

I got mine at target, I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere else.

SpoonfulOfDia Bridal makeup trial

I used the simple face wash to wash this full face of makeup completely off without having to use makeup remover first!! AMAZING!

This isn’t sponsored at all, purchased a while back and still use it, just wanted to share with you guys because it’s actually good and surprisingly affordable! Give it a try and let me know what you thin!


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