I fired my wedding photographer!!!

Hey Guys!!
This blog post is a cautionary tale, read on to see the importance of TEST DRIVING ALL YOUR VENDORS!!

I struggled when deciding if I should make this blog post or not but I’m doing it! But if you know me , I LOVEEEE PICTURES! and when my fiance proposed it was at a photo shoot and I posted those photos EVERYWHERE!!!! So I was excited to have this Engagement shoot with my  photographer and I really wanted to see if he could edit with the style I like! But photo shoot came and gone, received some photos but I only posted a couple and close friends are texting asking what happened to the rest of the photos because they want to see, and how do I explain I didn’t love most of these photos! This is just my experience! He’s continued to do photo and video services for several people and I’ve not heard anything bad so was it just a one time thing with me or does he handle different clients differently? Read on and let me know if I made the right decision!

My Experience

I had to fire my photographer after already booking him and giving a non refundable deposit =/. There were several issues I had with the experience while working with him but they just kept accumulating and eventually I had to just cut ties. I didn’t want to lose my deposit but when I sat down and looked at my overall experience and weighed my options the best choice for me and my sanity was to just hire a new photographer.

So first off he was 2 hours late!!!!!!!

I was in contact with him from the moment I got there (because there was an issue about getting into the location because the photographer wasn’t there)
At 4:50pm, because he had some car trouble,  “Should we still wait or reschedule some other time?” he replies “give me a few I’ll see how fast I can get this tire changed”….he did not contact me back until 5:57 when he arrived.

Turns out, he saw the message, but he didn’t want to tell me to leave because we had to reschedule before(I know this because he repeated it several times during the photoshoot); Nevertheless he should have at least ANSWER and say “stay” or “come back at such time”, because at this point I’m starving and my fiance missed visiting hours at the hospital to see his grand mother! He did tell me the reason he was late was because he couldn’t get in contact with the person who was supposed to let us into the venue, but isn’t that something you should have sorted out the day before? or at least show up to the venue with me so we can be there together while you sort it out??…why did we stay 2 hours?? IDK! but we did, we just wanted to get the shoot over with and behind us.

He lacked direction and vision!

We have about 35 pictures right in front of this window..pretty much variations of the same pose

In each location we did like 3 poses, just basic poses that we always see, but this location was such an unconventional location and I expected so much more creativity and wanted to use them for my save the dates to set the tone for the wedding! So when he was done with the first location I said “no can we try this one pose (holding hands walking away)” because I wasn’t done there, he did a variation of the pose that I requested but we never really got around to exactly the pose that I wanted to try. We moved on to 3 more scenes and we still took about 1-3 poses in each location, ughhh come on! I needed more creativity, push the envelope a little bit!

This was a test shot I took when I first arrived, I was deciding what shoes to wear lol. My belly does not look as bad and face isn’t shiny yet!

Now with his direction, he tells us to move to the left or right, or smile/not smile, look at each other or look away, but he doesn’t tell me that my hair needs to be fixed in some shots, or my dress strap is hanging off my shoulder, or the biggest issue I had with most pictures, to suck in my stomach or turn my body or something! As a photographer I expect him to have a certain attention to detail and at this point it just feels like he wants to get in as many shots as he can so we can leave and hopes there’s some good ones in there!

I questioned everything he told me!
As a business person your word should mean something, and as time went on I realized I couldn’t count on his word and that was a problem for me! Once we wrapped up the photo shoot, as we are leaving the location, he said “as I’m editing, I’ll send you a couple of pictures so you can tell me if I’m getting the style right during the week”he never did that.

So 7 days after I finally text him to ask when he would be sending a few pics so I could approve, he said he would send it the next day, he didn’t!

So 3 day’s later I text him asking what happened and his answer starts off with “I was just about to text you” — ughhh no you weren’t!!! And he continued to do that in the future every time I contacted him about something he said he would deliver, he was ALWAYS “just about to text me”! After a couple of times it just seemed like I was bothering him and he was too busy and that is when I had to make the decision not to use his services for my wedding.

I didn’t want to have to burn that bridge or cut ties with him, but it was what was best for me and my event. Granted we had a few good pictures (thank God), it wasn’t at all what I expected or what he talked his services up to be! I just did not want to have to deal with the same experience on my wedding day and the months after. He does take some good pictures, but personally I think he is better at being a studio photographer with staged poses, or just taking event photos, but would I ever use him for another photo shoot outside of a studio? NOPE! As a business owner your reputation and your word is all you have, and he didn’t do a good job at showcasing either when working with me! Let this be a lesson to you guys, DON’T SKIP THE ENGAGEMENT SESSION & TEST DRIVE YOUR VENDORS! Let me know if I made the right decision or if you would’ve handled it differently.

Here are some of the photos I was very disappointed in. Some of the issues are: photos are blurry, out of focus, my hair he never told me to lay down or edit, his choice of pose showcasing my huge belly, some of his photos have blue dots on them I’m not sure if it was a lens error or editing error, glares, he could’ve edited the shadow off my fiance’s shirt, the photos of him showcasing the ring never really focus on the ring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He sent me a file containing 320 photos, out of that 320, there were only 21 photos that I absolutely liked. Since I made it very clear what I didn’t like I’ll share the photos I did like, its crazy, the photos I like the most were candid shots that he didn’t pose! That ridiculous mirror pose was my idea, still think it was a good idea lol.


8 thoughts

  1. These pictures are beautiful, and congrats hun!!!! But I don’t blame you for firing your photographer, especially when he was late and made up excuses when you wanted to see the pictures of your photoshoot.

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  2. I agree you look beautiful but a lot of the photos aren’t in focus and he should have varied the background! I would have fired him too you would have been gutted with the wedding photos! Good choice can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am a photographer and I would have fired him too honestly. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I see it way to often that there are “faux – tographers” people who just picked up a camera and started taking pics.

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