Free Facials at Sephora

If you didn’t love Sephora before, I bet you will now! Sephora is offering free mini facials, like FREE-FREE, not “you have to buy something”-free.

I did not know this until I walked in to buy a face mask for my oily face. I was looking around and saw a huge poster advertising FREE mini facial. I’m not sure if it’s always been there, if it’s available at all locations, or how long they’re doing this but it was news to me and I DEFINITELY was not going to miss out on this!

Spoonfulofdia-sephora facial-01They offer an option between a peel or a moisturizing face mask, I actually got both done because the skin expert I had was extremely nice and I was waiting a while.
A face peel was explained to me as, removing the outer most layer of the skin, removing dead skin and cleaning the pores and is intended to be used once a month.
A face mask, depending on the kind you choose ca clean pores, hydrate skin, firm skin or anything else, and depending on the directions and strength can be used daily, once a week, or once a month.Spoonfulofdia- Sephora facial - 02

My facial started with a peel, using Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear micro milk peel. This peel is much less drastic than any other face peel but it was still effective and got the job done. This peel comes with pads that have a rough side and a smooth side, you see all the dirt and dead skin. Although peels are supposed to be used monthly, this particular one says you can use it daily. All the ingredients are gentle or natural enough and should not cause any allergic reactions. After the peel we wiped it off with the Dr. Jart+ micro water which is like a micellar water that tones and purifies the skin.
Would I buy? Definitely if I had a spare $42 Definitely!

Spoonfulofdia-sephora facial- 03Finally we finished off with Peter Thomas Roth’s Hydraulic Cloud Cream. Last step in my facial was this cream that was to put moisture back into my skin and gave me a nice glow! My face definitely felt like it was drenched in moisture and my face was glowy, not oily but a nice glow!
Would I buy? I’m not sure, I would need a sample to be able to try it out for a few weeks before committing to this product.

Overall I did leave with my issue resolve, my skin did not get oily and I was walking in the hot sun for an hour after that, I was pretty impressed!
Keep an eye out in your Sephora to see if they offer these free mini facials at your locations.
Let me know if you tried any of these products and how you feel about them.


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