Last minute target makeup haul

Yesterday I was invited to a Holiday party,  and at the last minute I received the memo that it was an ugly sweater party but I was already out for the day only dressed in a tshirt and jeans as per usual. So last minute I make a run to target and they have no more ugly sweaters, so I decided I should dress up my face instead.

Since it was last minute, and just needed the makeup for the one night, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on makeup! My total was about $36 most of that went to the lipsticks which were about $6 a piece thanks to my indecisiveness 🙃

I got the following:

  • Maybeline fit me foundation in color Mocha which I already own and love!
  • Maybeline cholosal lash mascara which really made my lashes look thicker so I love for the last minute buy
  • Elf eyeliner pen…ehhh with this I pretty much got what I paid for, but it did the job
  • Elf full face brush…wasn’t really the best for applying foundation but did the job 
  • NYX butter lipstick in color Moonlit Night …this feels so smooth and buttery on my lips and it’s a nice deep wine color perfect for the holiday season 
  • NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in color Ruffle Trim….I’m a darker girl and I would love a nude color lipstick but it never works out, this one was too light for me 
  • NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in color Teddy…This one blended in with my complexion so it seemed like my lips were camflauged lol

Just so you can see what the lipstick colors looked like on me I’ve added swatches.

I always thought swatches were silly until now lol they really put stuff in perspective. And you can really see how the color teddy just blended in with my complexion. I’m not really a big make up girl, but when I find something I like I tend to stick to it. With that being said I love the NYX butter lipstick and I would definitely get more if I find a color I like.

If anyone can suggest a great looking nude lipstick/lip gloss I would love to try it out because that’s the look I’ll be going for on my wedding day! As for the other 2 liquid lipsticks I’ll be giving them to my friend Yvana, you’ve probably seen her YouTube page Thee Mademoiselle, the only make up she wears is lipstick so if she doesn’t have these colors they’re hers!

Until next time guys….


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