Combatting my oily skin

I have very oily skin, and that comes with some itchiness or bumps at times. As I get closer to my wedding, I want to make sure that my skin is flawless and that I find a solution for my skin that works for me.

Usually I used Pur Cosmetics Dirty girl clay mask (I blogged about it here before), but I haven’t been consistent with it lately, and I get very lazy when I have to wait 15 minutes to wash it off.  SpoonfulOfDia-Sephora mud mask-01Lately I had the urge to try something else to see if I would get my desired results faster. So I went out and bought this Sephora collection mud mask that is said to be mattifying and purifying which should help with the oil and remove dirt from pores. It wasn’t too expensive, just came in at $20, which I think is pretty affordable for skincare. This mask works pretty quickly, you will see it change color which indicates that it is dry and you can just wash it off. After using the mask, it is suggested you follow up with a toner to close the pores and prevent oiliness.

Next I follow up with my toner. Originally I was using my Dickinson Witch Hazel as a toner, which I already raved about in a different blog post, SpoonfulOfDia-Lancom Tonifique Tonerbut since then it has “disappeared” from my dresser. So now I’m using this Lancome Tonique Comfort Rehydrating Toner, which I received as a sample after purchasing some Lancome products at Macy’s. This toner only costs $26, which is not that bad. But I would definitely purchase this on my own because I love the way it feels and it’s lasting a while.  The toner actually feels pretty soft, not watery, and it’s very gentle on your skin. After using the toner, you can see remaining dirt removed from your skin. Just using theses 2 steps I’ve seen a difference and less oiliness on a day to day basis.

After toning, I use end by moisturizing my skin with Lancome’s Renergie lift multi-action moisturizer with SPF 15 for all skin types (it comes formulated for different skin types so you choose what’s best for you), SpoonfulOfDia- Lancome daily moisturizerwhich was also in my sample bag. This Moisturizer costs $98, so I guess I lucked out by getting it as a sample. This moisturizer is pretty light and doesn’t irritate my skin. The added SPF is a plus, moisturizing and protecting my skin at the same time. My skin is pretty sensitive and gets irritated easily, but these 3 have been really gentle and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now.

Let me know if you have dry skin and what you’re using, I could use the help!


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