The top 3 mascaras I swear by

I’m not a big makeup wearer, just some foundation, eyeliner (if I remember), and MASCARA!

I’ve noticed from experience that mascara really changes your look and make your eyes more noticeable.

I have very thin eyelashes that are practically unnoticeable and these are 3 mascaras that I use and love the way it makes my lashes look!

1. Better than sex mascara by Too Faced

This mascara is amazing, it separates your lashes and coating them with the collagen mascara and gives the illusion that your lashes are thicker and fuller. This ranges for about $12 at Macy’s or Ulta. This is definitely worth the price because it will last almost all day.

2.  Colossal Volum Express by Maybeline

This separates the lashes and make the lashes look fuller and longer. This is less expensive than the Too Faced Mascara coming in at only $6.99 and you can find it at any drug store.

3. Definicils by Lancôme 

The bristles on this mascara resembles much like the Too Faced Mascara and performs pretty similarly. It separates the lashes together for a more voluminous look and makes the lashes look elongated. This is more of a higher brand cosmetic line so comes in as the highest priced on my list ranging from $27.50 at Macy’s, Ulta, or Sephora.

Give them a try and let me know how they work for you guys!

Until next time guys….


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